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Code Black - Angus/Mario *HUG*

174 Multi-Fandom: White Collar, Grey's Anatomy and much much more


Sooo... I was creative again over the past few days and weeks and made tons of icons... some of them I made for challenges, but since those are now over and the winners are already announced, it's no problem to post them now :-)

62x White Collar
44x Grey's Anatomy (Owen/Cristina & Jackson/Mark)
27x A Gifted Man
08x Patrick Wilson
20x Pretty Little Liars (only Troian/Keegan from the new photoshoot)
08x The Mentalist
05x Jane by Design
174 Total

PLL - Spencer/Toby *Kiss*

38 "Pretty Little Liars" Icons, 20 for obsession20in20

Heya... :-)

So... another 20in20 Challenge - I have to say, I got kinda obsesed with those - and this time I choose PRETTY LITTLE LIARS for [info]obsession20in20 - and the Challenge itself is pretty difficult this time... especially the categories, but I tried my best to fulfill the challenge, and I hope, I did... =)

PLL - Spencer/Toby *Kiss*

114 Multi-Fandom Icons: White Collar, Grimm, Actors, Pretty Little Liars

I had a creative flash... something like that...
Just yesterday I said how much I suck at doing textures, but today I played with Textures almost the whole day, and guess what? It's fun... *lol*

I don't know why I haven't tried textures earlier, but well... now I did, and I might do this more often... ;-) the result is 114 icons from different fandoms ;-)

05x Ashley Benson
05x Lucy Hale
05x Shay Mitchell
05x Troian Bellisario
10x Tyler Blackburn

04x Blair Redford
08x Matt Bomer
04x Toby/Spencer (Pretty Little Liars)
15x Grimm
53x White Collar
114 Total

Code Black - Angus/Mario *HUG*

185 Icons: Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, German Soaps, Taylor Green


I'm kinda sick at the moment, and well... seems like my creative muse kicks in when I am... *lol* I have no other explanation for me creating this amount of icons in the past few days, so yeah... I don't have a sick note or something like that, I'm still working, but tomorrow I'm gonna see a doctor and we'll see if I have to call in sick... ;-) But yeah... at least I was able to do some icons ;-)

German Soaps
04x Rebecca/Miriam (Verbotene Liebe)
04x Deniz/Roman (Alles was zählt)

06x Taylor Green related (with either Tommy Joe Ratliff or Adam Lambert)

Pretty Little Liars
08x Caleb
07x Haleb (Hanna/Caleb)
10x Ezria (Ezra/Aria)
06x Samily (Samara/Emily
21x Spoby (Spencer/Toby)

Switched at birth
03x Toby
06x Emmett
12x Ty
01x Katie LeClerk/Sean Berdy
17x Lucas Grabeel/Sean Berdy
09x Ty/Daphne
14x Liam/Daphne
42x Bay/Ty
15x Toby/Emmett

So 185 Icons total... yeah, I'm crazy! ;-)